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What Is Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the process of collecting, processing, and analyzing of website data.

With Web analytics, we can truly see how effective our marketing campaigns have been, find problems in our online services and make them better, and create customer profiles to boost the profitability of advertisement and sales efforts.

Every successful business is based on its ability to understand and utilize the data provided by its customers, competitors, and partners.


Web Analytics as a Service

In our service for web analytics, depending on the availability of the data, we start by either analyzing your website and its traffic or installing the necessary tools to start collecting data.

Next, we design and provide your business with actionable ideas to help you develop a better business online. Our goal is to find ideas that can bring your company to the next level today and tomorrow.

Through A/B testing, we find agile, sustainable, and creative ideas to match your goals.

Every result we find will be told precisely and transparently.

We help companies find their core strengths online and develop them.

We can also integrate to combine online data that matters:

  • Google and Facebook Ads
  • Organic traffic to improve search engine optimization.
  • Social media marketing activity and traffic
  • Brand monitoring online




Design & Code. We’re Creative. We’re Tech. We can make an impact and create something awesome for you.

Welcome to DV Marketing Services

We've been providing design and production services for over 15 years to clients.

Whether it’s designing intuitive tools to get ideas on the move or building big, beautiful ads that don’t get in the way, we have always looked at creativity a little differently.

Our set tools are specifically designed to enable creative us to inspire, conceive, share, and deliver great work.


Do you know who we are?


As we continues to evolve, creativity remains at the heart of everything it does, inspiring the company’s mission to help bring ideas to life.


Good ideas deserve good company and we have built a business with empathy at its core. Bringing offline values–like trust and transparency–online, our organization has always been about people first, creativity second, and technology third.

Committing to a better internet and a better world for everyone, the company continuously supports issues like climate change, diversity, and mental health. Commitment to the creative community.

The majority of our users work as creatives, and it’s this global community the company exists to support.

Actionable insights to help improve your strategy and prove ROI. Grow your business today!

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